Preparatory works for creation of necessary infrastructure

Before start to work on stabilization of engineering structures and construction of New Safe Confinement, during 2001-2004 the infrastructure was created necessary for achieving the main objectives of the second phase of SIP implementation

In the framework of Ukrainian contribution the works have completed on creation of Information-analytical Centre of Shelter Object meant for ensuring technical support of integrated data base of Shelter Object (General Contractor - Scientific Production Company “Sinaps”, Kiev).

The Corporation “Ukrtransstroy” has constructed the Training Centre in Slavutich and the ChNPP site, where there is a theoretical and practical personnel training for their work at the specific conditions of ChNPP site.

Photo: Training Centre in Slavutich

The Contractor “Youzhteploeneromontazh” has constructed the Changing Facility for 1430 persons meant for creation of hygiene and sanitary conditions for personnel during their work at the Shelter Object site and construction of New Safe Confinement.

The Contractor “Slavutich”- “Youzhteploeneromontazh” has constructed the Rehabilitation Centre in Slavutich meant for carrying out professional selection, monitoring and rehabilitation of personnel health who work at the Shelter Object.

The Contractor “Ukrenergostroy” has constructed “Small” Construction Base where there are an administrative building, the heated and unheated warehouses, a site with frame crane for warehousing and enlarged assembling of metal structures, the engineering services, a motor road and railway lines.

Photo: “Small” Construction Base

The Contractor “Slavutich” of “Youzhteploeneromontazh” has constructed the building of Guard.

The pilot Integrated Data Base of Shelter Object is commissioned.

At the Shelter Object immediately the following works have carried out:
-          Building and assembling works for elimination of unapproved passageways in the roof of Unit 4;
-          Construction of sewerage pump station and permanent sanitary lock on the level +5.8 of deaerator stack for ensuring personnel access into the most contaminated zones of Shelter Object;
-          Construction of the outhouse passageway to the Shelter Object for dosimetric monitoring department and working places for operation personnel;
-          Reconstruction of Unit 4 premises for creation working places of the Shelter Object personnel;
-          Construction of decontamination area of small equipment and tools on the level +1.0 of the deaerator stack;
-          Modification of dust suppression system of Shelter Object;
-          Reconstruction of the system for collection and disposal of liquid radioactive waste.

The works on the construction of external engineering services and additional facilities have carried out for the implementation of phase 2. The Corporation “Ukrtransstroy” is the Contractor. The pipeline systems of heat supply, domestic water consumption and fire water pipes, sewerage, power supply and a sewerage pump station of waste water are commissioned. The system of telephony communication and trunking communication are commissioned.

Photo: Change Facility for 1430 persons

Nearest Events

On May, 24, 1978 Unit 1achieved capacity 1000 mwt
June 11, 2001 – establishment of SSE Chornobyl NPP

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