Upgrade of dosimetric control system

The project is funded by the European Union.

Project objective: modernization of dosimetric control system in the Exclusion Zone and environmental (radiation) monitoring at Vektor Complex and Buriakivka RAW Disposal Facility.

Project tasks:

  • Development of design and purchase documentation for modernization of the environmental monitoring systems at Vektor and Buriakivka as well as dosimetric control systems at ChNPP and within the Exclusion Zone in general (including the contamination which can be spread by vehicles).
  • Analysis of available systems and their compliance with the safety requirements of Ukraine and best international practices.
  • Development of actions for improvement of the systems.
  • Development of technical specifications on whose basis the primary actions of the system improvement will be taken (these actions include shipment, installation, testing and commissioning).

In terms of upgrading the ChNPP radiation and dosimetric control, the existing system was analysed, the improvement actions for it were developed, and general assessment was completed. Due to both the limited financing of the next project phase and large scope of work, the project for ChNPP was split into two LOTs:

LOT-1 — purchase of equipment for refurbishment of the ChNPP Individual Dosimetric Control Laboratory and purchase of individual dosimeters.
LOT-2 — purchase of auxiliary dosimeters to check eye lens and limbs.

The development of the technical specifications and purchase documentation is in progress. The work is carried out in line with the project plan.