Specification of the waste forms to allow safe treatment, storage and disposal of radioactive waste held at the Ukrainian nuclear energy facilities.

The project is funded by the EU in the framework of the Agreement on Funding the Annual Nuclear Safety Action Plan of 2014.

The main objective of the project was to provide recommendations and subsequently to develop technologies for processing the selected streams of the problematic radioactive waste into the forms acceptable for their long-term storage and/or disposal.

Project tasks:
1. Detailed analysis of the problematic RAW streams.
2. Characterization of the selected streams of problematic waste.
3. Feasibility Study of the potential technologies to process the problematic RAW.
4. Description of techniques, technical specifications for equipment and safety case.
5. Support to the End User during review of the elaborated documentation by a regulatory authority.
6. Final Report and dissemination of the project results.

In the part of the project within the responsibility of ChNPP, the results have been obtained as follows:
The filter perlite pulp was determined as a problematic RAW stream for the SSE ChNPP.
The strategy and methods for sampling and characterization of the problematic waste was agreed with and approved by the SNRIU. As per the approved methods the SSE ChNPP took the samples from 40 sampling points and formed 10 combined samples of LRW, they were characterized according their chemical and radionuclide content.
Resulting from the project, ChNPP obtained the Feasibility Study of the potential technologies to process the filter perlite pulp, technical specifications for equipment and safety case for processing the problematic RAW.