Technical cooperation project “Support to Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plant Units and Management of Radioactive Waste within the ChNPP Site and Exclusion Zone"


The project is funded through the IAEA Technical Cooperation Fund and its budget can be changed or redistributed if it is necessary.

Project objective:

Completing the establishment and ensuring efficient operation of integrated system for radioactive waste/SNF management in Ukraine that will enable to achieve safe managing (incl. disposal) the radioactive waste of all types including the waste accumulated within the previous years, being generated currently in the course of nuclear energy use as well as the waste that will arise in the future; enhancing the technological capabilities, improving efficiency and safety of decommissioning activities at Chornobyl NPP industrial site.

Completion status:

The project was completed in December 2019.

Within the project the SSE ChNPP as one of the recipients received the expert support of the IAEA in the area of decommissioning and RAW management, namely about the methods for determination of organic content in radioactively contaminated water, methods for sample taking and characterization of ChNPP solid RAW, ion exchanging resin treatment, status of “Implementation Programme for the Stage of Chornobyl NPP Power Units 1, 2 and 3 Final Shutdown and Preservation”.

The specialists were trained and participated in the fellowship programme studying the laboratory methods to determine the radionuclides in radioactively contaminated water and liquid RAW with use of mass-spectrometer.

Also, ChNPP received a state-of-the-art digital microscope for laboratory investigations.

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